Door Window Lift Issues: The Competition

Two of the three windows on my 1991 300SE no longer open or close electrically, and I can make any one of these windows slide up or down by putting my palms on either side of the glass and pushing up or down. Not that I need to do much pushing down … gravity does that gradually, as I drive. I haven’t found out how to get a window up if it’s ever all the way down. I might not like the answer.

I’m getting pretty tired of the hassle. Also, drive-through ordering is a pain due to a window that I can’t open while I’m sitting in the car.

So, today, I went to an auto glass shop whose owners I like and trust, and whose prices are typically low. Their price: $150 per fix per door, $450 total. Whoa! That would be with new parts; they don’t have any used parts on hand. Wow! Good thing I’m in the used-parts business.

So one more item on my task list is to immerse myself into the world of W126 window winders….


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